Window Tinting

Manufacturer trained window film fitter on site

Window tinting is becoming increasing popular amongst regular car owners for many reasons and GM Deery have a trained specialist on site to fit window tinting film to any vehicle.

You do not need to be a celebrity to want to have your windows tinted - there are lots of safety advantages and comfort benefits to be had by undertaking this simple process.

      • Increased privacy
      • Heat gain and light reduction (up to 65%)
      • Glare reduction
      • UV light filtering (>98%)
      • Passenger comfort (particularly child passengers)
      • Security (glass is harder to break)
      • Safety (glass does not shower passengers when smashed)
      • Improved looks

GM Deery is equipped with a specially filtered dust free area in our workshop and our window films are supplied by Llumar – the worlds largest manufacturer of window films.

Window films consist of a micro thin layer of polyester with a durable scratch resistant surface that clings to the inside surface of your vehicle glass.

There is a range of colours, finishes and darknesses available and all films are guaranteed for life. Once fitted to your existing windows, the films will never bubble, crack, fade or change colour as some inferior products might.

Fitting tinted window film is quick (we need your car for about a day) and costs start at just £150 per car.
Come in and have a look at an example of a car that has been fitted with the tinting film. You will be amazed at the quality of the finish and the improvement to the look and comfort of your car.